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We are proud to introduce one of the most technically advanced software for school management and administration automation in the market today. Our solution not only reduces the manual work and administration hassles but also keeps the goodwill of your school growing by maintaining a closer relationship with parents, students and staff.

We can assure you that at least 1000 man hours can be saved every academic year once our software is implemented. Software that redefines the school management and administration scenario in Tanzania. Features of the system:

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  • Client :Louis
  • Company : Nico info systems
  • Category : Web Design, Photography
  • Date : 05 September 2014
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The Complete School Management Software.

Key Features

End to end connectivity – Complete integration and end to end automation of financial, academic, administrative and management operations.

Automated applications and information tools – A variety of automated communication channels like web applications, IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) and auto SMS that helps improve parent school interactions and keeps parents current and informed on the status of their child.

Simplifying operations with affordable solutions – Simple solutions for various complex operations like timetable generation, exam hall planning which helps improve efficiency and drive down costs by reducing manpower and paper trails.

Time saving and user-friendly solutions a single click away – Single click solutions for many of the time consuming operations like payroll, staff substitution etc that saves precious time of the administrative staff.

Access to information anytime, anywhere – Bringing down the communication gap in and out of the institution down to zero by providing user specific information with a single mouse click at anytime and anywhere.

Quick implementation and turnaround time – Smooth implementation of operations using minimal effort within the most affordable infrastructure eliminating the need for manual work in your institution.

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