Agile Development

Agile Development practices, such as frequent deliveries

Agile Software Development


Nico Info Systems has quickly proven its value in delivering high-quality applications that meet customer needs.

Mindtree Nico Info Systems developers produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and extend. Our agile development practices, such as frequent deliveries, continuous integration, and build, deployment, and test automation, reduce risk and rework.

While adopting agile design principles is essential, the transition is not always easy. Successful agile adoption means changing entrenched cultural patterns and processes—there is no “one size fits all” approach. We can guide you through the transformation.

Our Skills

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Agile consulting superstars show you how to:

    Agile values to build organizational buy-in.
    Train engineers and product manager in agile principles, methods and practices.
    Coach employees to embrace continuous change.
    Establish real cross-functional communication, coordination and collaboration.
    Mitigate errors, missteps and risk to meet tight release timeline.

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Why Choose Us?

Nico info systems develops advanced, custom solutions for firms of all sizes in financial services, learning, hospitality,consumer and other industries. We combine domain knowledge with offshore cost advantages and resource flexibility to develop industry-defining applications.

What Client's Say

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    GIS Services
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    System design
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    Data analysis
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    Link-level analysis
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    Coverage modelling
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    Strategy Solutions